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There is a photograph being spread across social media. Depicting a Compact Cassette and a pencil, the caption asks: “Hit ‘like’ if you know the relationship between these two objects.”  6 March 2015
Now devoted to telecoms infrastructure, just a few years ago Sweden’s Ericsson company was synonymous with mobile phones. For a brief while in the 1990s and early 2000s Ericsson and Finland’s Nokia had a virtual duopoly on the mobile phone handset market. 12 February 2015
Design Landmarks have featured on these pages for over 20 years. But the Rubik’s Cube is the only one to have been designed and manufactured in an Eastern Bloc country. 16 January 2015
Before Apples there were Tangerines. Today Hoxton, in London’s East End, is a global design and technology hub. The Old Street traffic island, that marks its south-western border, is now known as “Silicon Roundabout”. But in 1990 the area was something of a wasteland. 1 December 2014
Few technologies get a second chance once they are superseded. The steam train isn’t coming back anytime soon. Neither is the VHS video recorder. 18 November 2014
Superstar French designer Philippe Starck is not someone you would accuse of making functional objects. His citrus press, shaped like a rocketship, is undeniably pretty but has nothing to collect the pith and pips.  18 November 2014
Some products are so ubiquitous, so everyday, that one forgets that they were ever designed. They just are. Bubble wrap is one of these products – overlooked, taken for granted. 5 September 2014
The styling of Braun products, in the company’s 1950s to 1970s heyday (before its acquisition by Gillette, in 1984) was mostly characterised by restraint. 17 July 2014
A European plastics icon celebrates its fortieth anniversary this year: Playmobil, the cheerful, injection-moulded figurines that have brought joy to generations of children across the globe. 3 June 2014
You probably have one on, or near, your desk right now. Its ubiquity is such that you might not even recognise it as a landmark design. But it’s there. The Hungarian inventor László Bíró first exhibited his invention, the ballpoint pen, at the Budapest International Fair in 1931.  8 May 2014
Until this groundbreaking design’s release in 1934, radios and gramophones were considered furniture. Their electronic guts were housed in the cabinet maker’s craft: hand-finished boxes produced using centuries-old techniques. 2 April 2014

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