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Scandinavian plastics processor Rosti Group has achieved strong growth, reporting sales up 18% over the past year. 25 February 2015
Indian plastics processor Vectus Industrie is using $16.7m (€14.6m) in private equity investment to dramatically expand its manufacturing capacity to meet growing demand for water infrastructure like tanks and pipes. 13 February 2015
The Society of Plastics Engineers in the US has named Russell Broome, an SPE activist and former society president, as its new managing director. 29 September 2014
Rising costs and economic challenges caused China’s plastics processing industry to see its growth slow to about 5% in the first nine months of the year, prompting the head of the country’s largest plastics association to make a forceful call for companies to innovate and adopt new technology. 11 November 2013
A new US report on industrial production points to a recovering manufacturing base, but one researcher has warned that the numbers are not as good as they appear and that the domestic plastics industry in particular still has a lot of ground to make up. 18 July 2013
Mergers and acquisition (M&A) activity in the global plastics sector fell by nearly a quarter in the first half of 2013 compared with the same period last year 2012, according to new figures. US-based M&A firm P&M Corporate Finance (P&M) tracked 146 global plastics and packaging deals up to 11 June, a decline of 23% when compared with the first half of 2012. 17 July 2013
Politicians, the Pentagon and even the State Department are getting riled up about a plastic gun made by Texas law student Cody Wilson with a three-dimensional printer 13 May 2013
A wide range of additive manufacturing technologies were on display at Euromold in Frankfurt, Germany. European Plastics News takes a look at selective laser sintering developments 14 February 2013
Tampoprint of Germany has developed a water cooling solution to the problem of rotary printing wheels warming up during their operation 2 October 2012
US-based MakerGear has created a 3D printer that churns out plastic parts for more 3D printers 30 May 2012
Laser penetration welding is an established means of bonding laser-transparent and laser-absorbing versions of the same polymer. Researchers at the IKV plastics processing institute at RWTH university in Aachen, Germany, have now developed laser welding for dissimilar polymers. Details were revealed in a paper presented by research specialist Mathias Weber at the IKV Colloquium in March 21 May 2012
The US Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) has revealed details of its first ANTEC conferences to be held in India. 5 April 2012
The European plastics markets of Germany and Poland hold great potential for US companies, especially in the areas of sustainability and smart materials, representatives from the US Commercial Service said in an April 1 speech at NPE2012. 4 April 2012
Continuing stagnation in the German mattress and upholstery markets has prompted polyurethane foams producer Eurofoam to cut its capacity and close one of its five national plants. 7 February 2012
Mouldmaker Dekkerform Technologies received the Euromold 2011 silver innovation award for a three-component mono-sandwich process for one- or two-colour parts subjected to high static loads. Glass fibre reinforced polyamide can be substituted by relatively inexpensive unreinforced PP outer/edge and 50% glass fibre reinforced PP core material, as it is in the new 2011 Fina chair from Brunner. 12 January 2012

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