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Polycarbonate sheet meets the demands of a “living roof” in a retrofit at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. 29 January 2015
UK-based LCR Hallcrest which specialises in the development and manufacturing of labels, inks and raw materials that change colour, has been working with Dutch agency, Miles Promocean, on its recent and on-going colour changing stirrer promotion for drinking chocolate brand Chocomel. The campaign is taking place nationwide within the Netherlands and is soon to be followed by another campaign in Belgium. 26 January 2015
There were 57 applications made for the 2014 AVK innovation awards. In this longer version of a previous feature David Vink looks at winners and a finalist which borrowed its design from an owl’s wing. 21 January 2015
R&D/Leverage, a mould maker and brand development firm, has formed a partnership with Hughes Design Group, a US-based visual branding and packaging design firm. 20 January 2015
Aimplas, the Technological Institute of Plastics located in Valencia, Spain, has collaborated with the company Solarays to create a new system which generates electricity from solar panels. Aimplas states that thanks to a tracking system, the solar panel system achieves a high concentration level of solar rays and increases efficiency.
15 December 2014
This year Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson’s annual “Pitch to Rich” competition has been dominated by start-ups working in, or with, 3D printing, writes James Snodgrass in this feature... As an entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, and his UK-based Virgin organisation, has made unpredictable choices and disrupted markets long before people started to use the word “disruptive”. 11 November 2014
Aimplas, the Technological Institute of Plastics located in Valencia, Spain, has helped with the construction of a new composite lighthouse in the city, which will highlight the use of composites in the construction industry. The lighthouse consists of carbon fibre several-centimetres-thick tubular profiles support a set of fibreglass floors slabs and their bracings. 4 November 2014
An unusual cycling helmet made of expanded polypropylene (EPP) has been designed to collapse for easy storage when not in use. A sort of flat-pack design allows the cyclist to reduce the helmet’s height by more than 50% when he or she takes it off.  4 November 2014
Australian scientists have developed a new material that can strengthen porous plastics by slowing their aging process. 3 November 2014
Piping Systems, the pipe division of Germany-based Georg Fischer, has introduced a range of full plastic pressure-regulating valves. The compact valves – using a non-rising spindle – are designed to suit confined spaces. 11 September 2014
A strange-looking Australian-designed polycarbonate swimming training device has helped an Aussie swimmer win gold at this year’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland. 27 August 2014
A standardised label has been designed by Euromap, the technical body for European plastics and rubber machinery makers, which shows the energy efficiency class of the processing machine to which it is fixed. The label, which should come into force by 1 October 2014, is part of a programme intended to make it easier for customers to compare energy efficiency between the products of different machine manufacturers. 15 August 2014
The second Plastic Technologies Award, the international competition, has been launched by Promaplast in partnership with Poli.design, Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano. 8 July 2014
Michael Tougher, a 4th year student at Glasgow School of Art, won the Design Innovation in Plastics (DIP) 2014 award for his ‘Dots’ stackable buttons that encourage music comprehension, creation and play. 8 July 2014
The plastic SimGas bio-digester developed in collaboration with design agency VanBerlo has been announced as a finalist for an American IDEA award. An environmentally friendly and self-sufficient alternative for farmers burning wood to cook, is to produce biogas from the manure collected from their own herd.
7 July 2014

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