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Spanish company Marusenko has created a 3D logic puzzle which may reignite the passion shown for its highly successful predecessor, the Rubik’s Cube. But the design of the Marusenko Sphere could only have been perfected using 3D printing technology, according to Eos, which supplied its Formiga P 100 machine and polyamide (PA) for rapid prototyping of the puzzle. 11 April 2014
Fresh off its purchase of two additive manufacturing service providers, 3D printing equipment maker Stratasys has purchased a plastics materials specialist: Interfacial Solutions, based in the US. 11 April 2014
3D printing arrived with an impact at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, US, in January. The world’s highest profile exhibition for consumer technology has had 3D printing exhibitors in previous years, but the 2014 show was the first to have a dedicated 3D Printing TechZone. 10 April 2014
Belgian company Materialise is offering Ultem 9085, a new heat-resistant material for fused deposition modelling (FDM). Ultem is the family of amorphous thermoplastic polyetherimides produced by Sabic Innovative Plastics. 10 April 2014
German plastics manufacturer Röchling has started a new 3D printing business to offer its customers the possibility of rapid prototyping and manufacturing. 9 April 2014
Hype about 3D printing replacing mass production is way off the mark, argues James Snodgrass in this feature, but the technology could help develop ‘midi manufacturing’ thanks to 3D printed injection moulds.  8 April 2014
The US 3D printing manufacturing sector is evolving rapidly as evidence by three separate announcements made on 2 April. 4 April 2014
Chair 4 Life is a wheelchair, comprising various plastic parts, that adapts to a child as he or she grows. The chair has a central chassis and employs universal docking and fastening systems so that different seating modules and additional parts can be added to meet the user’s changing needs. Chair 4 Life has been designed by Renfrew Group in the UK. 31 March 2014
Belgian bags and accessories brand Kipling have partnered Belgium-based 3D printing company Materialise to create the first ever flexible plastic 3D printed bag. The “City Jungle Shopper” 3D printed bag consists of interlinked plastic monkeys, a mascot of the Kipling brand, and is made from the first fully-flexible 3D printing material TPU 92A-1. 17 March 2014
3D design software from Dassault Systèmes helped the US Winter Olympic team shave milliseconds off the speed of its four-man bobsled, Night Train 2, which is currently competing in the Sochi games in Russia. 12 February 2014
Belgium-based 3D printing company Materialise has announced its acquisition of E-Prototypy, Poland’s leading provider of rapid prototypes and 3D printing. 10 February 2014
Plastic Logic has struck a deal with Germany’s Novaled with the aim of accelerating the development of flexible and wearable displays. 7 February 2014
The 3D printing market will grow rapidly in the next few years with demand for machinery expected to reach $5.0bn (€3.7bn) in 2017, according to a forecast from US research group Freedonia. This would represent an annual growth rate of 20.7% from a level of $1.95bn (€1.43bn) in 2012. 31 January 2014
Prototype specialist 3D Systems has purchased Xerox's solid ink engineering and development teams and a three-dimensional modeller of licensed entertainment toys, both as part of a series of buys by the company to bring multiple parts of the 3D printing industry under its roof. 6 January 2014
Materialise, the Belgium-based additive manufacturing group, has formalised its partnerships in China by becoming a member of the China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance. 3 December 2013

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