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Polymer prices dip following lower crude oil prices and feedstock costs, better material availability and higher import volumes. 26 August 2015
After four months of sharply rising notations, European standard thermoplastic prices took a downward turn in July and August. Lower crude oil prices and feedstock costs, better material availability and higher import volumes are the main reasons for the price decline. Producers attempted to retain as much of the cost reduction as they could in order to swell their profit margins during the first two weeks of August trading. 26 August 2015
European standard thermoplastic prices continued to move in an upward direction for the fourth month in a row in June. There were however signs towards the end of the month that the price pressure was easing as supply started to return to more normal levels.  8 July 2015
European plastics packaging companies have announced they need to raise their product prices due to high polymer costs and tight supply of material. Daniel Dayan, CEO of rigid and flexible packaging group Linpac, said: “Despite our on-going efforts to improve efficiencies and the performance of our products through innovative design, the difficult cost situation we are facing means price increases have become inevitable.“ 17 June 2015
In May, material availability has remained tight and there have been price hikes for the third month in a row. 18 May 2015
In May, European producers of most standard thermoplastics have obtained margin-widening price hikes for the third month in a row. Once again the increase in polyolefin prices was way above the rise in feedstock costs. The rise was mainly attributable to a spate of production issues that have shortened supply.  18 May 2015
ABS, polycarbonate, polyamide and PBT prices lower compared with Q4 as feedstock costs tumble. POM prices remain stable throughout the first three months of the year, PMMA higher due to tight supply. 27 April 2015
Force majeures being called at major polymerisation plants led to a shortage in availability from late March. 21 April 2015
European processors of standard thermoplastics were shaken in April by unprecedented material shortages and exorbitant price hikes that bore no resemblance to the increase in the cost of feedstock. Material availability shortened considerably from late March due to a series of forces majeures being called at major polymerisation plants, and a number of extended plant maintenance programmes. 21 April 2015
A steep increase in feedstock costs caused polymer prices to rebound in March. 30 March 2015
After falling since the middle of last year, European standard thermoplastic prices rebounded sharply in March. Producers pushed through margin-extending price increases following a large upswing in petrochemical feedstock costs, better demand and tightening supply. Following a rise in crude oil prices in February, petrochemical feedstock contract prices were settled at a substantially higher level in early March. 30 March 2015
Manufacturers can expect to profit from lower oil prices for the foreseeable future, according to a leading economist. Speaking at the NPE trade show, Zbysko Tabernacki at research consultancy IHS, said oil prices would continue to fall following what he called an “unprecedented” collapse in recent months. “We see a floor price of around $40 a barrel in late 2015, early 2016,” Tabernacki said. “Recovery will be gradual and slow, with the price of a barrel reaching $70 by the end of next year.” 27 March 2015
Converters rushed to buy polymers in early February as crude oil and naphtha costs started to creep back up.  25 February 2015
European standard thermoplastic prices fell for the fourth month in a row in February. However, the size of price rebates was lower as a result of smaller feedstock cost reductions and a demand surge. Converters have been operating on low inventories for several months; waiting for signs that polymer prices were bottoming out. The rise in crude oil and naphtha prices at the beginning of the month quickly sparked buyers into action.  25 February 2015
Prices for most engineering plastics turn downward during final quarter as result of feedstock cost reduction and lower demand. ABS, polycarbonate and PA6 see the largest price reductions, PA66 and PBT prices down by less. In contrast, POM remains stable with small gain for PMMA. 5 February 2015

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