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40 years and counting
By David Eldridge
Posted 23 October 2014
1974: war in the Middle East, high energy prices, West Germany wins the World Cup. 2014: war in the Middle East, high energy prices, Germany wins the World Cup. History may repeat itself in world affairs and sport, but that’s not been true for the plastics industry in the forty years since European Plastics News was launched.
The industry has come on in leaps and bounds in the past four decades: in the development of high-performance materials, the multiple innovations in manufacturing technology and the penetration of many new market sectors. Plastics have helped improve the delivery of healthcare, answer problems of lightweighting in cars, contribute to more energy-efficient housing, and transport water and other vital amenities to communities.
These achievements are raised by the industry leaders we surveyed in this 40th anniversary issue (see p20-23). It has been a good opportunity to pause and acknowledge the benefits that plastics have brought. 
Plastics also have vital roles in the mega-trends now emerging: a growing world population, climate change and environmental protection. The executives point to sustainability as being the biggest challenge for the industry. With the challenge comes an opportunity, and demand for solutions involving – for example, lightweight technologies and plastics from renewable resources – is only likely to increase. Many also foresee a growing amount of integration and interconnectivity – in the products and systems that plastics companies make, and also in the way companies work. 
Looking back over forty years shows that development trends in plastics track societal changes, because of the wide application of plastics throughout human activity. Predictions may be risky, but it is safe to say plastics will continue to follow the contours of society as it takes shape in the 21st century.
To be best prepared for the challenges of this century, the plastics industry’s leaders recognise the need for vision – not just within their own companies but in the industry as a whole.

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The headline announcement by the European Commission on 2 July sets EU-wide targets to recycle 70% of municipal waste and 80% of packaging waste by 2030 and to work towards ending the landfilling of recyclable waste by 2025. But the Commission’s plans for a “circular economy” are even more ambitious and wide ranging. 28 July 2014

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The wave of measures by EU countries in recent years to reduce lightweight HDPE carrier bags has annoyed plastics organisations. They think it is unfair to pick on plastics and ignore other materials; they question the environmental merit of switching to paper and other alternatives; and they do not like the ramshackle environmental policy-making behind plastic bag taxes, levies and bans. 7 January 2014

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