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Extracting the best from plastic materials

Plastics News Europe staff
Posted 21 February 2013

Plastics have taken a step into a domain dominated by metal with Gutmann’s creation of a kitchen extractor hood which heavily features plastics in its design.

The German company usually makes its expensive hoods from stainless steel, but the new L-Original hood has an internal frame made from glass fibre reinforced polyamide and an outer shell made from ABS. The flame retardant materials provide a high gloss finish in black or white, and a carbon texture is also available.

Dutch design firm Van Berlo says it made the most of using plastics to create a unique design. Switching to plastics also enabled high volume manufacture, which keeps the product price down, allowing Gutmann to enter a new segment in the hood market.

Van Berlo says the L-Original is the most energy-efficient extractor hood on the market. It uses a new filter technology which captures grease better than traditional filters and allows a recirculation system. The specially developed filter cartridge ensures minimal air resistance and this made it possible to use a lighter motor consuming only 50W in the highest position.

The L-Original from Germany-based Gutmann
The L-Original from Germany-based Gutmann


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