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Fridge shows PU potential

Plastics News Europe staff
Posted 30 January 2013

BASF has designed a concept refrigerator which demonstrates potential applications for the group’s polyurethane materials. The fridge, called Coolpure 1.0, combines “creativity and technical ingenuity in exploiting the incredible versatility of polyurethane”, the company says.

PU is traditionally used as an insulation material in fridges but its design possibilities are much wider, according to BASF. “Rather than produce refrigerators itself, BASF aims to demonstrate with cutting-edge designs all that is possible with PU as a material. Transcending the bounds of pure insulation, it is capable of inspiring refrigerator manufacturers to develop new approaches,” said the group.

BASF’s Permaskin PU compounds are used for the fridge’s surfaces, providing high quality finishes. Elastollan TPU materials feature in various components: the soft-touch door handles, profiled seals, high-transparency shelves and a flexible optical waveguide for low-energy lighting. Vacuum insulated panels have a PU core with BASF’s Balindur fixation layer.

The Coolpure 1.0 was shown on BASF’s stands at the Fakuma and Living Kitchens exhibitions in Germany last year.

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