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New Illig STAL 90 made blister packs at event
New Illig STAL 90 made blister packs at event

Thermoforming machinery manufacturer Illig received more than 250 visitors to its open house, which took place at its facility in Heilbronn, Germany on 29 and 30 October. Participants from across Europe heard presentations and saw demonstrations of Illig’s technology, such as automatic pressure forming machines of the RDKP series for separate forming and punching, as well as the RDK series for combined forming-punching operation. ...(more)
Sipa has acquired the injection-stretch-blow moulding (ISBM) equipment business of Automa. No transaction price was disclosed in the announcement by Sipa which, like Automa, is based in Italy. Sipa already makes ISBM machines for producing PET containers, but the addition of the Automa technology expands its capabilities. ... (more)

UK plastic packaging maker RPC has agreed to buy Iceland-based plastic products and components maker Promens Group for £307m (€386m). Promens' manufacturing footprint comprises 40 facilities, 35 of which are located in Europe. It employs approximately 3,800 people. ... (more)

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British Plastics Federation reaps rewards of first ever Plastimagen fair visit by signing agreement with Anipac. (more)

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