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  1. Amcor hits sustainability goals ahead of schedule (10-24-2014)

  2. BASF targets coffee and automotive connoisseurs (10-22-2014)

  3. SVP takes Klöckner Pentaplast off the market (10-22-2014)

  4. Private equity firms 'mull Bayer MaterialScience deal' (10-24-2014)

  5. EU project to develop new food packaging barriers (10-22-2014)

  6. A. Schulman reports growth in sales and profit (10-23-2014)

  7. NGR system designed to recycle bulky or thick-walled plastic parts (10-23-2014)

  8. Dow’s third quarter growth led by plastics (10-23-2014)

  9. Sales climbing for Wittmann Battenfeld (10-23-2014)

  10. Asia continues driving sales for Engel (10-22-2014)

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