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Surface Table (2008)

Plastics News Europe staff
Posted 29 January 2010
The Surface table from London-based Established & Sons shows the striking results that can be achieved when the very different worlds of furniture design and race car engineering come together.

The creation of furniture designer Terence Woodgate and Formula One racing car designer John Barnard, the Surface table uses carbon composite engineering to create a seemingly impossibly thin surface that spans up to 4m with no visible sagging or distortion.

“We were interested in taking the form of a normal table, one with legs at each corner, as far as we possibly could,” says Woodgate, a modernist designer known for his simple and understated structures.

“It became a search for perfection. Radius corners, round legs, domed feet and rounded edges all accentuate the slimness of the design making the entire form a seamless, blended geometric surface,” he says.

The secret of the Surface table’s huge and seemingly unsupported span – 3m in the series production model and 4m in the special limited edition - is in its layered carbon fibre construction. Its cleverly-chamfered lower surface makes for an edge just 2mm thick.

The Surface table results from Barnard’s expertise in carbon fibre automotive design; he pioneered and built the world’s first monocoque carbon fibre Formula One chassis that won three consecutive world championships for Maclaren.

Established & Sons manufactures the Surface table in a choice of matt or lacquered unidirectional carbon fibre finish, with walnut veneer for the traditionalists.


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