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Objet showcases 3D printed lego prototypes

Plastics News Europe staff
Posted 20 February 2012

Rapid prototyping specialist Objet played a crucial role at the Lego World, held in Copenhagen, Denmark, earlier this month, by demonstrating how its 3D printers are used to create Lego prototypes.

At the show, Objet presented the development process, from the CAD file to the printing process, as well as printed samples such as Lego mini figures and bricks.

“The Lego brick is born digital on a computer as a CAD drawing and is converted into a physical brick during the manufacturing processes,” the company said in a statement, saying that the printer “helps us in getting physical elements for checking the design, build-ability and functionality at a very early point in production”.

Objet’s printers use inkjet-based technology to jet thin layers of photopolymer materials onto the build tray, where each layer is cured with UV light.

“The process delivers models which can be handled immediately, with exceptional accuracy and allowing any geometry, including thin walls, overhangs and even moveable parts,” says the company.

A video demonstrating how Lego designers use 3D printing can be found here.


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