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The EU wants to increase industry’s share of GDP to 20%. But polymer producers told officials at PolyTalk in Brussels they are directing expenditure to the US, not Europe. In a feature article, EPN looks at issues of competitiveness and sustainability that were debated at the PolyTalk event. 7 January 2015
The recently formed World Plastics Council (WPC) held its first General Assembly on 24 November in Dubai to define key areas that the body will address. 25 November 2014
Australian consumers were facing renewed calls to take their litter home after a study found around three quarters of the rubbish found in the waters off the country’s beaches was plastic, with most of that coming from local sources rather than being sea-borne debris drifting in. 19 September 2014
The biodegradable plastics market in Europe is forecast to witness 12% compound growth during 2014-19, according to TechSci Research’s ‘Europe Biodegradable Plastics Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2019’ report. 28 July 2014
The European Commission has proposed an energy savings target for 2030 of 30%. The Commission states that the proposed target goes beyond the 25% energy savings target that is needed to achieve a 40% reduction of CO2 emissions by 2030. 25 July 2014
Pledges to reduce plastic marine debris were major components of a two-day crash course in ocean protection hosted by the US State Department in Washington and Secretary of State John Kerry. What was missing was the usual maligning of plastics or calling for sweeping bans. 23 June 2014
Researchers have discovered the presence of plastic eating microbes in the waters around Australia that could help reduce harmful marine waste. The organisms also cause tiny pieces of plastic to sink to the seafloor. 23 June 2014
The European Commission (EC) is set to outline its vision for a circular economy and its “competitiveness strategy”, including revised recycling targets past 2020. 11 April 2014
German plastics machinery groups are promoting energy efficiency, recycling and other issues in the Blue Competence campaign. This feature looks at the road to sustainability taken by members of the VDMA association. 29 January 2014
GKV, the association of German plastics processors, has regularly been critical of the effect on its members of the German EEG renewable energy law and has now joined forces with seven other trade associations to issue a joint statement calling for “honest discussion” on energy costs. The rising EEG rate is harming competitiveness of German companies, the associations said. 24 January 2014
Xeros, based in Sheffield, UK, has developed a method for cleaning clothes that largely replaces water with polymer beads. 12 December 2013
Ocean-borne plastic waste could “spell big trouble” for marine worms, according to researchers from the University of Exeter and Plymouth University in the UK who reported their evidence in the Cell Press journal ‘Current Biology’. 10 December 2013
Biodegradable plastic bags need to be collected separately to avoid contaminating the waste stream, according to the European Plastics Converters Association, EuPC. 4 December 2013
A global alliance of plastics associations is calling on governments and other business sectors like retailers and brand owners to do more to combat trash littering the ocean, and said such broader cooperation could be key to future progress. 28 November 2013
Eight multinationals which specify huge quantities of plastics used in consumer goods and cars have formed the Bioplastic Feedstock Alliance (BFA) with the World Wildlife Fund. Nestlé said in a news release it is part of the alliance which also includes The Coca-Cola Company, Danone, Ford, HJ Heinz Company, Nike, P&G and Unilever. 20 November 2013

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